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We are a proud member of RJC and we are happy to say that it is an excellent initiative by the industry for improving the credibility of the Diamond and Jewellery Supply Chain as a whole. We recommend that all our associates be part of this initiative. It also improves the transparency of business and the management system. This facilitates better control over the operations.  We plan to get certified by the end of April 2022.

As per one of the requirements of RJC CoP 2019, we have conducted a Supply Chain due diligence. We do not source from any conflict affected and High-Risk Areas. Our supplier is from India and is an RJC Certified Member. We have not identified any Red Flags in our supply chain. We will continue to monitor the supply chain annually and report any Red Flags if identified.

The supply Chain Policy and procedure are also publicly available on this website. It is in compliance with the 5 Step Framework for Supply Chain as required by OECD Guidelines.